KnowMe is not just yet another messenger. It has some unique and useful features which distinguish it to stand out differently amongst all messengers.
Quick sign-up with just name and a number of your choice

No phone number or email needed for signing up. All it needs is your memorable favourite number to sign-up with KnowMe.

KnowMe create your address with name and number you provided. You can publish the address on social sites or forums where you want people to get in touch with you on messenger.

Complete profile


KnowMe is messenger designed specifically for people to know each other. This is why member profile plays crucial role. KnowMe profile offers user to present their complete information including appearance, occupation and few other things.

People in neighbourhood


KnowMe is location based messenger. It show you list of other members who are most near to you, so that people staying nearby will start knowing about each other. This feature might connect you with someone interesting near you.

Strong and dual level privacy

You can control who can send you messages or who can see your profile,  wall-posts or location: Anyone or Only your friends. And there is privacy scope at group level as well, Each group admin can decide whether group members should be able to see each others profile, wall-posts and location.


Each user has got his/her own wall where they can post anything they want. This can be used to advertise oneself about their business and/or other activities to people nearby or members of group user is participating in.

Groups. Private and public.

KnowMe has very easy and quick way to create group of people. There are two types of groups. Private group where administrators can add new members, and public groups where other members can join on their own just by knowing address of the group. Administrators can decide if members can see each other profiles, posts and locations. Members need to accept membership request if they have been added to a group. This provides safety and prevents spam.

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