Messenger for your social presence. Strong privacy controls. Signup without phone number. Create public groups.

KnowMe is Messenger for smartphones and tablets. It is a multipurpose messaging app.

  • Chat safely with not so known people:

        Signup without phone number and share your ID on public forums where you want to chat with not so known people

  • Track group members:

        Create location enabled group and track members. May be they are your loved ones went on tour or even your sales people in your company

  • Advertise your business in your locality:

        Create wall-posts visible to anyone and let users nearby know your business/activities

  • Admin announcement:

        KnowMe has provision to create group where only admin can post. This is useful especially when your company/organisation/society wants to send notices or update to its large number of members.

  • Quick status updates can come handy:

        Keep updating status about your current activity and people nearby (on KnowMe) can instantly see your updates. For example you can handle queues. Let's say you are a doctor running your clinic. You do not want your patients helplessly waiting for their turn to come. You can quickly update current patient number and other patients can stay home and quickly see it as your status in their neighbours list. They do not need to wait all the time sitting in queue in your clinic.

Interesting, isn't it? :)

KnowMe doesn't need your phone number or email address for signing-up. All it needs is just a memorable number of your choice! :-)

There is lot more than this. Please check features for more details. Last but not least, KnowMe doesn't sale ads.


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